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Feb, 2014 Mrs. Bloker and Mrs. DaNeil Olson do a special storytime with elementary students as old "schoolmarms"
Mrs. Bloker, Mrs. Olson, Mrs. Froke and many other successful Rutland teachers past and present exhibit a unique combination of warmth and strictness. From the book "Teach Like a Champion", by Doug Lemov, "we're socialized to believe that warmth and strictness are opposites. The fact is, the degree to which you are warm has no bearing on the degree to which you are strict, and vice versa." Teachers (and parents) who manage to be both warm and strict seem to strike a resonance with children, gaining their trust along with their respect (from "the smartest kids in the world" by amanda ripley) Rutland Super

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Fall Semester, 2013. Many blessings to be thankful for at our school.... watch and see !

FALL, 2013. "RUTLAND LEARNS to FLY" New students/families, new teachers and support staff, and new program technologies. Now for some new space to house it all ! Rutland will break ground this spring for a East side addition with a new kitchen, lunchroom/commons, Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade classrooms and restrooms. Watch this program and see what all the excitement is about !

Spring, 2013 "KIDS, COWS and CORN". We can raise them all at Rutland like no other place in the world. The interaction between students across the entire K-12 span makes the best memories for students and staff alike. Our parents and other extended family often get involved as well. Though many students are "city kids" via open enrollment, our Ag roots run deep. Over 80 % of the school district's total tax valuation is Ag property.

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